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To be the best, we must commit to these tenets:  we are committed to improve the company, its products, and its people.



Standard Concrete Products, Inc. can trace its roots back to the 1890s through family lineage when B.H. Hardaway Sr. started the Hardaway Contracting Company.  The Hardaway Company existed throughout the 1900s being an innovator of its time, until their Tampa location was purchased.  In 1997 Mason H. Lampton, son-in-law to B.H. Hardaway III, purchased The Hardaway Company’s Tampa Prestress Yard and began improving on quality and efficiency.  Now B.H. Hardaway Sr.’s great-great-grandson, Mason Hardaway Lampton, is the President of Standard Concrete Products, Inc.

On November 14, 1996, Standard Concrete Products, Inc. purchased Gary Concrete Company located in Augusta, Georgia.  Two other plants were located in Savannah, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia.  On January 1, 1997, Standard Concrete Products, Inc. purchased the Tampa Prestress Division in Tampa, Florida from The Hardaway Company.  Currently three plants are producing quality precast/prestressed concrete products for projects with the Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee Departments of Transportation.  Through these three plant locations Standard Concrete Products, Inc. can design and produce a diverse portfolio of prestress concrete and precast concrete products.  Standard Concrete Products, Inc. can provide these products for the bridge, marine and structural industries throughout the southeast for projects with state departments of transportation, local governments and private owners as well as internationally to the Caribbean. 

Since the acquisition of these three plants the type of product formerly produced has not changed; however, the scope of work has broadened with the expansion of the Atlanta and Savannah Plants.  Additional beds were designed and built on site to accommodate specialty items.  The Atlanta, Georgia Plant is located in northwest Atlanta on 14.0 acres and all products are shipped out via trucks.  The Savannah, Georgia Plant is located on 45 acres with access to deep water for barge transportation and land transportation via trucks.  The Tampa, Florida Plant is located on 32.74 acres surrounded on three sides by deep water for barge transportation and land transportation via trucks.

Quality, Speed & Superior Performance.  The three pillars that have allowed SCP to dominate the South Eastern prestress market.  Standard Concrete Products, Inc. ships products by barge to both South America and North America.

Our mission is to design, produce and deliver quality products on time.