Prestressed Concrete

Standard Concrete is a business out of Atlanta, Ga. that offers a variety of products to help companies and governments build structures.  One of the biggest products Standard Concrete sells is prestressed concrete.

Prestressed Concrete is an architectural and structural material possessing great strength.  The concrete is unique in that it allows predetermined engineering stresses to be placed in ways to counteract stresses that occur when the structure is subjected to heavy service loads.

This concrete is made by combining steel and concrete in order to get the best qualities of both materials: compression strength from concrete and high tensile strength from strands of steel.

Standard Concrete from Atlanta, Ga. makes prestressed concrete by stretching high tensile strands between abutments at each end of long casting beds.  Concrete is then poured into the forms encasing the strands.

As the concrete sets, it bonds to the tensioned steel.  After a period of time the concrete reaches a specific strength, and the strands are released from the abutments.  This process compresses the concrete, arches the member, and creates a built in resistance to service loads.

Because the concrete is processed at Standard Concrete’s factory in Atlanta, many may notice a slight arch or camber is noticeable in the product.  This is quite normal and is due to the energy stored in the unit by the action of the highly tensioned steel which places a high compression in the lower portions of the concrete.  An upward force is created to relieve the beam of having to carry its own weight – thus having an arched look.

This upward force along the length of the beam is what counteracts the service loads applied to the member.

The upward force along the length of the beam counteracts the service loads applied to the member.

Contact Standard Concrete in Atlanta, Ga. today for more information of prestressed concrete.

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